Teaching and learning practice

The a tenore singing is orally transmitted. Traditionally, no formal process was foreseen, and it was just by practicing, usually, together with peers, looking and listening to the olders and under their guidance, that one learned how to sing. In recent years, the audio recordings have assumed a crucial role in the formation of the young singers, along with the live practice. Moreover, local “schools” of a tenore singing has been, in some cases, a starting point for some singers and groups. It should be noted that the teacher in these“schools” are usually mature and expert singers, but people without a formal musical training, and that the training process cultivated in the schools are usually more akin to an informal teaching/learning activity than to a regulated and theory-driven process.


Figure 1 - Children listening to a Canto a Tenore exibition

A formal approach to the transmission and development of the a tenore singing could take into account the possibilities offered by modern means of communication and technology, to better instruct the learner and to give a higher awareness of the features of the singing styles. The i-Treasures project is working in this direction.