Canto a Tenore tradition

The a tenore song is practiced in various contexts. Traditionally, it is a part of the male sociality of the lower classes (especially shepherds) and as such is practiced both in tzilleris (bars) and spuntinos (big meals with friends) and in occasion of the patronal feasts.

Figure 1  - Tenore singers singing in an informal context

Nowadays, many a tenore groups has a semi-professional status and are used to participating in musical festival, both in Sardinia and, for some groups, outside the island.

The dressing is usually different in the two kind of contexts. The traditional costume is used in the most official situation, whereas the “modern-sardinian” dressing fashion is preferred in informal situations as a more practical way of presenting themselves appropriately but also in a comfortable and easy-to- easy-to-manage dress.


Figure 2 - Tenore singers singing during a Festival